Parragon__nova`s Mod application

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Parragon__nova`s Mod application

Post  parragon__nova on Mon Aug 13, 2012 11:03 am

Please I want to be Mod I respected all the rules i didn`t swear,i pvped i helped people get quantum and i griefed a little bit wich its allowed. Please this server is the one that I love the most i hope You understand me. I really really want to get Mod. Not for getting overpowered but just so people respect me.

So far this is my favorite server. Since i got on i am dedicated to play on it and make it better. I ve build large things but i cant show to you due the server reset. But i am totaly ok with that. I understand You, too much people with quantum armor and they just make the srver less fun.

I love this server and i hope that all of you loves the server. And remember this server was made by Choczy so we should all respect him. I cant make the community bigger because it is already really big. I can help people out and make them love the server. It might not seem a lot but you will notice that other Mods rarely do all they said. I am honest and sincere.

I am sad that I am not mod and I hope I get mod.

From one of the most trusted player :parragon__nova


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