Faction banned for "exploiting"?

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Faction banned for "exploiting"?

Post  TonyTheJew on Wed Aug 15, 2012 4:30 pm

So our faction was banned (Bloody/Brocean) for using a overloaded reactor to kill someone. They thought it was a nuke because they fail to realize that being killed by a overloaded reactor means "(Name) was nuked. The unprofessionalism with the mods is just ridiculous. We weren't warned or anything and just straight banned. This wasn't an exploit because nuclear reactors aren't banned. But these mods are unfamiliar with the game and seem unworthy because all they do is ban and kick people for every little reason. They also use their powers to teleport out of my teams traps when others could not. A unban would be nice, as well as some discipline to the mods. They seriously need to get their facts straight before they blindly /ban everyone. EVEN before we got to explain ourself!


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