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Post  watermannn on Sat Aug 18, 2012 6:32 am

Age : 17
minecraft user: watermann

I'm wanting to be mod for:
I'm respecting all the rules and im respecting new people!
And i will help them if i can im trying to be so nice as i can to other people so joining us.
I have been mod on one server before! But the server got shutted down forever. Sad
And i would donated to the server thousand of time if i could but im out of money sadly enough.
I'm Always trying to be friendly to staff! and they're friendly back to me Very Happy
I haven't broke one rule so far! And i really love the server and i won't leave it self if all my friend's will leave!
ChoczCraft For the win!

Need more info give me an message!

Random info:
Ive been playing on so many servers now i have found some cool servers but this is different than them!
This server is the best in the world! And maybe not everyone think that but i do!
I won't leave the server that easy i may have been on 100 server's before i found this one! ChoczCraft is the best ever <3


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