MonstersINC (Hacking)

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MonstersINC (Hacking)

Post  terrorist94 on Sat Aug 18, 2012 9:00 am

Hello i am writing to you because i was griefed by Player named PlushyFruits Of which i am sure of he was using somekind of bossting or hacking.

So,i had a faction base underground and Plushy somehow got THRUGH A PROTECTED WALL which was 5 or maybe 8 blocks thick (it was protected) got in and killed me,Furtenetly i managed to escape as soon as i respawned.

Before at a start of a game it happend to me too but the wall was 1 block thick.I asked a mod name Addorra and he told me that it was a glich and if i would have thicker wall it would be impossible.

but it wasnt.Addorra did not helped me at all with the situation which i did not like.Although she suggested the were hacking this time

I hope some punishments will be taken forward.

thank you.


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