New donator package! 'Legendary'

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New donator package! 'Legendary'

Post  Choczy123 on Sun Aug 05, 2012 7:22 am

We have released a new donators package! You get a lot of stuff including the all new title, Legendary! (It's red, just like the owners title)

Grants the Legendary title, $40000000 in game money, 256 dark matter, two stacks of coal, 40 energy condensers, 128 energy collect MK3's, 128 Relay MK3's, 20 Crystal chests and also 128 Red matter and much more!
And a full set of Quantum apart from the helmet, you will get a red matter helmet instead.

All of this for just $100! To purchase simply log onto our server and type '/Buy 9' and follow the link, we will love you forever if you do Wink


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