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Post  Addorra3 on Tue Aug 07, 2012 2:24 am

Ok, I. Addorra would like to be a moderator because, I feel that i can help people and clam them down if theres a situation on the server when another mod or Choczy isn't online. I have good people skills so i can help them overcome what ever issues they might have with other players also i can help enforce the rules.

I'm well known on the server and people know me for good things not so bad things, i don't raid that much so i wouldn't get shouted at my other players. I Fully understand the rules that a moderator and the responsabilitys they have to keep.

Some Other Info You Might Like To Know:
Age: 16
How can i help the server: Well i can offer the server a teamspeak server. and also anything from time to time including donations and other such.
Why you want to be mod: Because ide like to help the community grow even more than it already has. and ide like to have some form of reposability towards other players.
have you donate: Yes twice, first to donator then to elite donator
Are you a trustworthy person: Yes i will do what ever is asked of me.
have you been mod on any other servers:yes i used to own a server untill the hosters company went down.


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