Addorra Re-Ap :)

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Addorra Re-Ap :)

Post  Addorra3 on Fri Sep 07, 2012 4:37 am

Ok so where do i start.
Ill start by talking about who i am on the server. Ok so my name is Addorra. Quite well known, And mischeivious. But seeing as i have given so much to the server i would like to try my hand again at being a sensible firm moderator that strongly enforces the rules. Heres some infomation you may like to know:

Age: 16
Nam: Joee
Where am i from: The UK!
What makes a good mod: Enforcing rules aswell as being fair to others.
Any anger issues: Only when people break the rules and other people start spamming people with "Ban him"
why i want to be mod: I want to be mod because the first time around i didnt do so well because another member of staff was always geting on my nerves trying to get me angry so i would rage and be demoted. Luckly for him it worked. And i quit and raged. But i think i can do a better job IF I got mod this time round. What a Face

P.s. I Don't care if i dont get it i just like helping and i'de love to get back and start being a responsible person.



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Re: Addorra Re-Ap :)

Post  duckweed6 on Mon Sep 10, 2012 5:46 am

Congratz on mod Addora Smile


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