xXHardCoreTacoXx's Moderator Application

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xXHardCoreTacoXx's Moderator Application

Post  xXHardCoreTacoXx on Sun Sep 09, 2012 8:45 am

Hello, I hope someone gets the chance to read this Very Happy
I would like to become an Moderator because I enjoy helping people whenever, and where ever help is needed. I am 15 years old and I have been visiting this server since about 1 1/2 months ago. I am frequently on this server whenever it is up and running , which will be an advantage when it comes to helping other players. I rarely get mad at people although I will admit I have gotten aggrivated a time or two and said some things I shouldn't have, It takes a lot to get me mad which is also a good thing. I know there is probably a 20-30% chance I will get to become a moderator , and I know it is a big responsibility but I think I could handle it. I am not trying to kiss up to you when I say this but I did donate. You probably think I donated because I wanted to gain all of if benefits, which is partly why I donated but I also wanted to help out this server in any way I can. I will obey the responsibilities of being a moderator as best as I can and you have my word when I say I will not be an abusive mod.
Very rarely do I kill people while playing on this server , I want to avoid the frustration of them getting mad at me for killing them and or asking for their stuff back when I could dodge the situation completely. I will say the few people I did kill got either some kind of compensation, or their stuff back. I hope this application gets looked at and thought about. I know my chances are somewhat slim but I am hoping for the best. Very Happy

- Thank you

Sincerely xXHardCoreTacoXx


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