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Post  Yomaxdog on Fri Sep 21, 2012 7:40 am

yo, it's yomaxdog, i know you guys got better stuff to do, so i'll keep this nice and short, as well as to the point, i'm 15, my username is yomaxdog same for skype, my first name is brandon, i'm always on the server, i got a lot of experience on working on servers as part of staff, Been admin on at least 5 servers, + i stopped counting awhile ago of how many i was mod on, you would not regret making me a mod, i'm a young, deticated guy that's on all the time, idk about you guys, but i think it's good to have someone enforcing the rules all the time that's why i think i should be mod, i'm also always on as much as i can, usually for the whole day, and on weekdays, as much as i can if i don't have too much homework, f you got any more questions just ask. thanks for reading!


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